Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Piece of History

Here in the Department of History, we often get phone calls, emails, and even faxes from people who have history questions or who have items from the past that they believe have value. Sometimes they want answers. Sometimes they want to know where they can get their items appraised. And sometimes, they just want to donate stuff.

In today's mail, we got a real treat.

This is the sign that hung in the Department of History in the late 1960s, back when it was housed in, well, a house located at 901 Ivanhoe Street.

Ivanhoe Street used to sit between what is now Bluff Street and Vickroy Street. Our very own Dr. Joseph Rishel, author of the history of Duquesne, says that Ivanhoe Street used to be full of row houses, many of which housed academic departments.

Enclosed with this sign was a letter from the former student who had been in possession of it since 1969.

We are thrilled to have been given this piece of departmental and university history! We'll be passing it along to our very own university archivist, Mr. Tom White, who will see to it that it receives the proper handling, care, and preservation it so deserves.

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