Monday, December 3, 2012

Senior Spotlight: Zachary Uram

We continue our Senior Spotlight Series here on the Department of History blog with History major Zachary Uram. Did you know he spent a summer living in Panama?

Zachary Uram with Phi Alpha Theta faculty advisor Dr. Perry Blatz during the Spring 2012 induction ceremony

1. Where is your hometown?
Murrysville, PA

2. Why did you choose Duquesne?

Love the location, best school I got into, wanted to be close to home

3. Why did you become a History major?

Always loved History class!

4. Have you had a favorite History class during your time at Duquesne? If so, which one, and what did you like about it?
Historical Geography. I loved learning about locations and culture.

5. What are some things you've been involved with (or are currently involved with) while a student at Duquesne?

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society and coaching a middle school lacrosse team

6. Tell us an interesting fact about you that most people might not know.
I'm a triple major in History, Secondary Social Studies, and International Relations.

7. What's something interesting that you've done in the past year?
I lived in Panama with a family for the summer.

8. What's your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

Its sports teams!

9. Tell us your favorite movie.

The Prestige

10. Tell us your favorite book.

Pillars of the Earth

11. If you hadn't chosen History as your major, what would you have chosen and why?

Geography, because I love it.

12. What is something you'll miss about Duquesne once you graduate?

Close proximity to friends.

13. What are your plans following graduation?

Take a year off and think about things, teach English in Panama for the year off.

14. Any advice for our current and prospective History Majors?

Get involved and try new things. "A calm sea never made a skilled sailor."