Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Course Spotlight: Social History of China

Registration for Fall 2012 is finally here! Are you still wondering what history classes you should take? Check out HIST 256-01, Social History of China, with Dr. Jing "Jay" Li!

Monday, March 12, 2012

MESDA Summer Institute Opportunities

June 25 - July 20, 2012 @ The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, NC

The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts is accepting applications from graduate students, decorative arts professionals, and independent scholars for the 36th MESDA Summer Institute.

The 2012 Institute emphasizes the material culture of the early southern Backcountry, including Tennessee, Kentucky and the piedmont and western regions of Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. Students study the region’s economic, social and cultural history through a multidisciplinary approach that includes current methods of research, interpretation, preservation, and analysis of material culture. The program’s month-long curriculum includes lectures, discussions, workshops, artifact studies, research projects, and a six-day study trip to Tennessee.

The UVA Resident Scholar for the 2012 Summer Institute is Dr. Carroll Van West, Professor of History and Director of the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University. In addition to Dr. West, the faculty is composed of mem¬bers of the staffs of MES¬DA and Old Salem Museums & Gardens, the University of Virginia, and several guest lecturers.

The MESDA Summer Institute is a partnership between the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts and the University of Virginia’s Graduate Program in the History of Art and Architecture. Students receive three hours of graduate credit through the University of Virginia.

Financial aid is available to qualified graduate students and museum professionals.

Applications are due April 20, 2012.

For more information - and an application - visit the 2012 Summer Institute website:

Or contact Sally Gant at / 336-721-7361