Monday, December 12, 2011

Coupons for Troops

Several of our History majors and one of our graduate students currently serve in the U.S. military, and for their service, we are extremely grateful.

The Duquesne University Volunteers (DUV) Office is sponsoring a new project to help military families during deployment periods. They will be collecting grocery coupons which are active as well as expired and distributing them to a not-for-profit organization that shares them with military families. These coupons, even if expired, can be used by service families for up to 6 months after expiration!  

Coupons can be sent to the DUV office at 305 Union. 

Every month, on the 15th, a package will be sent to recognize these service families each month. Please remember the families of active servicemen and women by participating in this new campus endeavor.

Thank you for taking the time to support our military service members, including those in our Department of History family.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Volunteer Intern Opportunities--Fort Necessity

Attention Public History Graduate Students:  If you are accepted into one of these positions, the Department of History can make arrangements to have it count as one of the internship requirements. Please see Dr. Perry Blatz.

Volunteer Intern Opportunities

Interpretation/Guide –Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill
Training and research materials are provided to volunteers to develop a variety of interpretive talks and programs relating to Fort Necessity’s primary themes of George Washington at Fort Necessity; French and Indian War; the French, British and American Indian participants; the Mount Washington Tavern and the National Road. Friendship Hill is about the statesman/diplomat Albert Gallatin; Western Expansion and the Whiskey Rebellion.
  • Fort Necessity – Living History soldier: presents talks and musket or artillery firings on a regular basis to adults and children. These programs are usually conducted April-October.
  • Fort Necessity – Mount Washington Tavern: on a regular basis presents talks or guided tours to adults and children. These programs are usually conducted April-October.
  • Fort Necessity – Staffing the Visitor Center desk; collecting entrance fees; providing information and assistance to visitors. Fill in for the Eastern National bookstore clerk. Year round.
  • Fort Necessity-Staffing Fur Trade station: on a regular basis in the summer, present formal or informal talks about the fur trade between the American Indians, French and British in the mid-18th century in the Ohio River Valley.
  • Friendship Hill – Staffing the Visitor Center desk and relating the story of Albert Gallatin and his connection to southwestern Pennsylvania. Daily April-October and weekends November-March.
  • Friendship Hill – House tours conducted daily April-October and weekends November-March.

Education Aid – Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill- Work with the Education Specialist on curriculum development; setting up conferences; tourism promotion; conducting curriculum based education programs for all grade levels.

Technological Aid-Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill-Work with Park staff and Press Information Officer on press releases; website development; podcast development; video taping; photography and other projects as needed.

Library Aid-Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill-Assist the Librarians on a variety of projects including: preparing new books to be processed into the collection; library inventory; re-shelving books and magazines; and check for overdue items.

Administrative Aid – Fort Necessity-Work in the Administrative office providing clerical assistance. This would include typing, filing, copying, computer data entry and working on projects as assigned.

Resource Management Aid – Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill-Work with the Resource Management Specialist on a variety of projects including: monitoring and data collection for water quality; wildlife and fisheries population and habitat management; vegetation and pest management; and human impact assessment.

Curatorial Aid- Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill-Assist Curatorial Specialist with preservation of the museum collections. Projects could include: photographing museum objects; measuring museum artifacts; recording information on computer; properly storing collection; inventory; cataloging new additions to the collection; and collection and exhibit maintenance.

Maintenance Aid-Fort Necessity/Friendship Hill-Assist the permanent office staff in computer data entry. Other projects could include: assist maintenance in trail rehabilitation; grounds mowing/grooming; carpentry; plumbing; electrical; historic preservation and other related tasks.

Training of interns and volunteers may consist of formal classroom training in early June and/or on the job informal shadowing of experienced volunteers and rangers. Black powder training is usually held the first week of June.

Please return applications with references to: Volunteer Coordinator, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, 1 Washington Parkway, Farmington, PA  15437. For further information call: 724-329-5512.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Call for Submissions: Tufts University Historical Review

Hey students! Ever thought about having your scholarly work published? Now might be your chance! Today we received this information from Tufts University:

The Office of the President, the Department of History, and the
History Society of Tufts University are delighted to announce a call
for submissions to the Tufts Historical Review, an academic journal of
global history that seeks undergraduate and graduate papers of the
highest caliber.

The Tufts Historical Review is one of the few undergraduate-led
journals of its kind in the United States. A highly selective
publication intended to recognize outstanding student work in history
and the humanities, the Tufts Historical Review is distributed to the
libraries of leading research institutions, including the College of
William and Mary, and Harvard, Tufts, Cornell, and Georgetown
universities. Alongside an active student board of undergraduates and
graduates, the Tufts Historical Review enjoys an advisory board
including such renowned historians as Felipe Fernández-Armesto.

This year’s theme is THIEVES AND TYRANTS.  History has been marked by
individuals and groups that have exhibited extraordinary charisma,
aberrant behavior, and a knack for bending or breaking laws and
customs. Whether these actors are dictators, imperialists, pirates,
rebels, vigilantes, or demagogues, all have had a hand in transforming
or transgressing traditional power structures and social, political,
and economic norms.  Tufts Historical Review seeks outstanding
articles that explore the historical development, application or
understanding of tyranny and deviance that have shaped civilizations,
cultures, and polities.

The Tufts Historical Review is committed to publishing the finest in
undergraduate and graduate research in history and the humanities. As
such, we require that all submissions subscribe to the highest
standards of academic quality. Failure to ascribe to the following
requirements may result in the rejection of a submission to the Tufts
Historical Review.

           All submissions must be cited in accordance with the Chicago Manual
of Style, 15th Edition.
           All submissions that have previously appeared in another publication
will not be considered eligible.
           Submissions from both undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A., PhD.)
students are welcomed.
           Submissions should range between 2,500 and 8,000 words. Longer
submissions are acceptable, but may be subject to editing by the
Editorial Board of the Tufts Historical Review for purposes of brevity
if selected.
           Applicant’s name and information (including academic affiliation and
contact information) should only appear on a cover page.

All submissions must be emailed to by
February 12, 2012 for review by the editorial board of the Tufts
Historical Review. We look forward to reading your submission!

Most sincerely,

Vittoria Elliott
Co-Chief Editor

Laura Taronas
Co-Chief Editor

Nicholas F. Russell
Senior Graduate Editor

Benjamin J. Sacks
Chief Editor Emeritus

Karen Adler
3409 Ashley Terrace, NW
Washington, DC 20008