Friday, August 27, 2010

Graduate Assistant Spotlight: Annalise Policicchio

Each fall, the History Department awards graduate assistantship positions to outstanding students, providing for them full tuition, a modest stipend, and the opportunity to engage in research and other scholarly activities under the supervision of a faculty member.

We will begin spotlighting our graduate assistants here on our blog, and to start things off, we would like to introduce you to
Annalise Policicchio, a graduate student in the Historical Studies Program.
The Basics:
Undergraduate Institution: University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Undergraduate Major: Secondary Education Social Studies Major; History Major; French Minor

Hometown: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, which is a little over two hours east of here.

Favorite Movie: Well, I tend to love many, many movies but I suppose that my favorite at the moment is Hotel Rwanda.

Favorite Historical Period: Considering that I can immerse myself in any historical era through the written word, it’s kind of hard to choose just one. However, Antebellum America to Post-Reconstruction America, including the American Civil War is probably my favorite historical era of all time.

Extracurricular Activities in College: I was a very busy bee at my undergraduate school, involved in multiple activities at once. I was an officer in Pitt-Johnstown History Club, Pitt-Johnstown Blue and Gold Society, and Sigma Alpha Pi; two years in each club. I was also a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pitt-Johnstown Education Club, Phi Lambda Theta, French Conversation Table

Little Known Fact About You: A little known fact about me is that I collect snow globes.
The Nitty Gritty:
What area of history are you focusing on in your graduate career here at Duquesne University?
I’ve technically been categorized as an Early Americanist, but with a focus on Antebellum to Post-Reconstruction America. Considering that my senior thesis was on the Trent Affair, I love exploring the American Civil War and those little known events that actually had an impact. So, I guess my focus is on the American Civil War, before, during and after.
What are some of the responsibilities you will have as a graduate assistant here in the department? Who are the faculty members you’ll be assisting?
I will be working with Professors Vardy, Weiss and Rishel depending on what they need done; however, at the moment, Dr. Rishel is the one who I will be working with the most. I am not sure exactly what he will have me do, but I can guess that I may be grading papers, doing research or working in the office. We shall see.
How do you like Pittsburgh?
I really like it. I like the atmosphere and the multitudes of people are an interesting change from my small hometown. The neighborhood where I live is really nice; the tree-lined roads are nice. I’m looking forward to doing some more exploring and trying out the new restaurants in and around Pittsburgh.
What are your plans (or your dreams) for after you finish your M.A.?
I’m really not sure, but I hope to someday teach high school students. However, if I decide to go on to get my PhD, then I might be teaching college-level students. I’m not sure which career I’ll go with just yet.
What is one of the things you’re most excited to experience here at Duquesne/in Pittsburgh?
I’m excited to meet new people, learn new things and show that I belong here at Duquesne. I’m looking forward to learning more about history and those who played a major role in writing it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Back!

Clio, the muse of History

Welcome back! It's hard to believe that summer is over and school is back in session. But here in the Department of History, we're excited and ready!

Some of the things we have planned for this semester include:

  • In September, an information session on careers in the field of History and graduate school

  • In October, the Annual History Forum
    *This year's topic is The Belfast Boys: Uniting a Divided City During World War I

  • Two new classes: Western European Transformations, 1815-1990s with Dr. Bernard Weiss and Public History: Intro and Issues with Dr. Matthew Hyland
So, what do you have planned for this semester?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Back into the Groove.

The academic year is right around the corner--less than a week away, actually! It seems like only yesterday we were turning in grades for final exams and preparing for graduation.

Today the new freshmen class arrives on campus, ready to begin the next journey on their life's path. While we prepare for the start of another year, we'll be gathering all sorts of information to post here on our blog. We've enjoyed our summer hiatus, but it's time to get back into the groove and bring you all the exciting things that will happening in the Duquesne University History Department!

We'll begin our regular posting again next Monday, August 23, 2010. We look forward to your visit!